An Earth Day Endorsement for Propane, from Ferrellgas

Ferrellgas: Propane is a greener choice for powering household appliances. (image: Ferrellgas)

Today marks the 41st Earth Day (or the third International Mother Earth Day, if you live outside the U.S.). It’s typically a time to consider our footprint on the environment, look for ways to lighten the impact, and if nothing else, to turn off the water when brushing our teeth.

And thinking of the environment, the propane distributor Ferrellgas has just released its endorsement for propane as a greener energy source around the house than electricity. Plus it can lower some of the bills. “We think it is important to educate consumers on environmentally friendly alternatives,” the Kansas-based retailer says in a press release.

How does propane stack up against electricity?

The better choice when it comes to water heating, says Ferrellgas. The numbers go like this: Water heating accounts for as much as a quarter of residential energy consumption. Propane produces 68-percent fewer toxic emissions and cuts bills by as much as 60-percent when compared with a standard electric water heater. Tack on a $300 energy efficiency tax credit, and installing that new propane water heater becomes even more attractive.

Though Ferrellgas points out that propane can play a larger role around the house, including in the fireplace, air conditioner, or for pest control. (See: the Rodenator.) Of course, the fuel’s benefits at home — lower emissions, lower price — also apply to the road. Though propane autogas is a post for another day.