FerrellGas’ Second Annual Refill-A-Thon Successful

Local Ferrellgas employees volunteered their time and expertise. (image: Howard Owens/ thebatavian.com)

FerrellGas held its second annual Refill-A-Thon on Saturday at its Batavia, NY location, the Batavian reported. The event enjoyed a strong turnout and was well received by local propane consumers. Batavia branch general manager Frank Nicolazzo said FerrellGas staff members were on hand to fill customers’ 20-pound gas grill tanks for just a $5 donation to the Genesee County Cancer Assistance Fund. Just in time for prime grilling season!

Administrators weren’t sure yet how much money was raised for the charity, but FerrellGas donated roughly 1,600 gallons of propane throughout the day. At last year’s inaugural Refill-A-Thon, the company raised $2,000 for the American Red Cross.

FerrellGas is one of the largest propane retailers in the country, serving around 1 million customers and ranking second in recent propane power rankings listed by LPGas Magazine.

The Refill-A-Thon is looking good to become a Batavia, NY, tradition! (image: Howard Owens/ thebatavian.com)