Man Drags Propane Tank Down Texas Highway

East Texas police were called out after reports of a man dragging a propane tank behind his pick up truck down a highway. (image:

Few greasy feeds compare with the magic of a Memorial Weekend barbecue. But one man’s hankering for some propane-grilled meaty goodness may have forced him to take things a step too far.

Puzzled Upshaw County police were called out on Memorial Day to reports of a red pick-up truck dragging a propane tank down an East Texas highway, reported Tuesday.

Witnesses said the truck’s driver took the tank from someone’s yard, chained it to his bumper then towed it down Highway 80 west of Gladewater. The truck was reportedly seen driving along the highway’s grass verge before swerving onto the road, dragging the tank along hard tarseal.

Onlookers who notified police said the tank appeared to be full of flammable propane – also known as liquid petroleum gas. A home video was snapped of police speaking to a driver after pulling the vehicle over. It is still unclear why the man was towing the tank without a trailer. No arrests have been made. did some research and can confirm that towing a propane tank behind your car is NOT the recommended form of transportation. Integrity Energy suggests purchasing a Tank Nanny. This nifty little device is essentially a bowl within which your trusty tank sits securely in your car. It can even be belted in during journeys to the propane refill station so there’s no danger of your tank falling over and rolling around your back seat.

Tank Nannies are made from recycled plastic, weigh about four pounds and sell for about $20. They can be purchased online.