Spectacular Propane Stunt Lands Two Men in Police Custody

A stunt involving lit propane-filled balloons backfired on two Calgary men when they were arrested by police. (image: montrealgazette.com)

As well as being a cheap, clean-burning vehicle fuel, we all know propane is an essential part of summer as a source of fuel for our gas-fired grills. But two Calgary men are now facing criminal charges after using the liquid petroleum gas for an entirely different source of entertainment.

Police have charged the pair after burning bags of balloons filled with propane were dropped from a Calgary highrise apartment Sunday night in a dramatic but foolhardy stunt, the Montreal Gazette reported. Neighbors across the street called police after seeing the burning bags launched from a 10th floor balcony in the city’s southwest shortly before 9pm Sunday, police said. Responding officers found the men were using candles to ignite small bags of propane-filled balloons before dropping them to the ground below.

“It was a fairly spectacular and stupid stunt,” said duty inspector Paul Stacey.

The pair, 23 and 26, were charged with possessing dangerous weapons – a toy pellet gun and sword, which were seized by police. Alcohol is thought to have been involved.

Propane is a highly flammable liquid petroleum gas. It is cheaper and cleaner burning than gasoline or diesel fuel and an efficient source of fuel for home grills and camping equipment. Though it is perfectly safe when used correctly in properly maintained grilling equipment or vehicle engine systems, it should never be ignited for a prank, particularly when alcohol is involved.

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