Propane Rates Rising in the Philippines and Pakistan

If LPG prices continue rising in the Philippines, more households will resort to using charcoal cookers like these to prepare meals. Though earthy and aesthetically charming, they produce harmful air particulates linked to serious respiratory illness. (image:

A petitioner and consumer protection advocate recently spoke out against Islamabad’s High Court Chief Justices this week, challenging the recent price increases for propane and other petroleum products, International News reported.

Kokab Iqbal issued a petition arguing the government is violating Pakistan’s Constitution and a 1994 Supreme Court decision mandating the government must provide the basic amenities of life to the public. The benchmark case, won primarily thanks to Shehla Zia, maintained that the government provide this service by subsidizing basic life essentials. Shehla Zia was a prominent Pakistani human rights activist and renown pioneer of women’s legal and political rights. An author and founding partner of the AGHS women’s law firm and legal aid center, she died in 2005.

Iqbal argued the high cost of LPG is directly linked with inflation, and makes the life of ordinary Pakistanis more difficult since fuel is essential for survival. The High Court scheduled time to discuss the issue, but so far officials haven’t offered comments or any plan of action to lower prices.

Meanwhile, not too far away, the main supplier of LPG in the Philippines will also be raising the price of propane per kilo as of today. The company, Shell Philippines, cited international increases in contract prices and transportation costs.